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REAL is supported by numerous volunteers on all islands who believe in the vision of REAL youth in creating a smoke free generation!


REAL Headquarters:

PO Box 29420
Honolulu, Hawaii 96820
(808) 956-4690

Nicole Sutton
Phone: 808.223.6658
Email: nsutton@hawaii.edu

Mitzy Sequeira
Email: realhq@hawaii.edu


Valerie Saiki
Phone: 808.648.0617
Email: valeriesaiki@gmail.com


Stephanie Franklin
Email: stephdee23@yahoo.com

Big Island

East Hawaii:
Deandra Viluan
Phone: 808.385.1107
Email: deandraa@hawaii.edu

West Hawaii:
Elizabeth Heppe
Phone: 661.343.7000
Email: lizheppe@yahoo.com


Michelle Magdirila
Phone: 808.646.1399
Email: michellenikol9@gmail.com


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