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        FQJ1100B-1700B-FQJ 1100B-1700B microcomputer high speed paper slitter and rewinder

        FQJ1100B-1700B-FQJ 1100B-1700B microcomputer high speed paper slitter and rewinder

        FQJ 1100B-1700B microcomputer high speed paper slitter and rewinder

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        Product Description

        FQJ 1100B-1700B microcomputer high speed paper slitter and rewinder

        FQJ1100B-1700B type microcomputer high speed paper cutting machine is suitable for cutting edge and cutting of large coiled material. Such as printing and packaging plastic membrane type, paper, cloth and all kinds of paper plastic composite materials such as Lin Mozhi, coated paper, synthetic leather, such as.

        Performance and characteristics:
        1, the use of circular knife cutting, division of high precision, easy to operate, the cutter can be arbitrarily adjusted;
        2, the use of A, B axis independent winding, loading and unloading operation is convenient;
        3, fold and shaft adopts inflatable shaft, automatic tension control, orderly and compact rewinding of finished products;
        4, the feeding support is of automatic hydraulic shaftless lift device, heavier loading.
        5, waste edge automatic discharge device;
        6, this machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. Microcomputer automatic control, selection of imported Yuan Electrical corrective device, automatic meter alarm parking, tension digital display advanced features.

        Technical parameter:

        model FQJ-1100B FQJ-1300B FQJ-1600B
        diameter of unwinding 1400mm 1400mm 1400mm
        width of slitting 1000mm 1200mm 1500mm
        diameter of rewinding 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
        width of rewinding 30mm 30mm 30mm
        slitting speed 10-260m/min 10-260m/min 10-260m/min
        slitting accuracy ±0.3mm ±0.3mm ±0.3mm
        power 12kw 15kw 16kw
        electric 380V/50Hz Tri-phase 380V/50Hz Tri-phase 380V/50Hz Tri-phase
        requirement of air pressure source 5.5kg/cm2×0.5m3/min 5.5kg/cm2×0.5m3/min 5.5kg/cm2×0.5m3/min
        weigh 2800kg 3000kg 3300kg
        overall dimension 3800×3400×1800mm 3800×3600×1800mm 3800×3900×1800mm

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